Climate Change and Food Security
Global warming induced heat waves, drought, and flooding constitute a global food security emergency ​for us all today, ​to protect our near and long term future food security​- the world's top food producing regions of the temperate Northern hemisphere ​are now global warming & climate change vulnerable

PLEASE SPREAD ​​the 2014 CAN Int Position Statement. The very first global climate change response was released in June 2014 by the Climate Action Network International representing 900 organizations have over 500 countries.

19 Dec 2014 Climate change cut to world food output 18% by 2050 ​​
Changes in climate are already affecting the sustainability of agricultural systems and disrupting production
​Unless the emissions of GHGs are curbed .. changes in temperature, precipitation, and other climate variables will undoubtedly affect agriculture around the world
Position statement of the American Society of Agronomy Crop Science Society of America Soil Science Society of America​.
Climate change: how a warming world is a threat to our food supplies
Global warming is exacerbating political instability as tensions brought on by food insecurity rise. With research suggesting the issue can only get worse we examine the risks around the world. The Observer 13 April 2013

A. Calzadilla Aug 2013 Higher food prices are expected to increase whatever the scenario
Food security weakening "on a scale we haven't seen" ​- expert  Reuters June 2013
The 11,000 year period of relative climate
​stability in which agriculture developed
​is over.
Lester Brown

Climate change will reduce crop yields sooner than we thought affecting all regions. Meta-analysis Prof A. Challinor March 2014
Feb 2015 Science Unprecedented 21st century drought risk
​in the American Southwest and Central Plains

Feb 2015 Stanford European grain stagnation linked to climate change
May 2015 FAO The State of Food Insecurity in the World
June 2015 The world is on course for civilization to collapse due to food shortages by 2040
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IPCC AR5 2014
6 Jan 2016 UBC    Drought, heat take toll on global crops
​Drought and extreme heat slashed global cereal harvests between 1964 and  ​2007 –  impact  greatest in North ​America, Europe and Australasia.

Jan 2015    Peak food production 

2013 UN Report     Wake Up Before It Is too Late The world needs a paradigm shift in agricultural development. ​Small-scale environmentally sensitive organic farming is the way to feed the world
2016 report     Worst Mediterranean drought in 900 years has human fingerprints all over it.
2016 FAO The State of Food and Agriculture Climate change agriculture food. 'A review of the Fifth Assessment of the IPCC suggests that while positive and negative projections of impacts on crop yields counterbalance each other at global level until about 2030, the balance after that becomes increasingly negative' WE ARE LOCKED INTO 2030's CLIMATE CHANGE
World Bank 2016 The world needs to produce at least 50% more food by 2050, but climate change could cut crop yields by more than 25%.
Jan 2017 Harvests in the US to suffer from climate change
2015 NASA Study Finds Carbon Emissions Dramatically Increase Risk of U.S. Megadroughts